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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Virtual Tour?
As described by Wikipedia, virtual tours are made up of a number of shots taken from a single vantage point. The camera and lens are rotated around on a center axis while taking photographs. These images are then stitched together creating panoramas that go in a complete circle of 360. Using special software, the panoramic images are then imported and added with other features to create an immersive experience for anyone who whants to view it on the web or on a stand alone CD.

2. Who is going to see my virtual tour?
Based on a study in 2004, 54 million Americans have used the internet to take virtual tours.
Read the full 2004 report at Pew Interne Life Study

3. Why should I use a virtual tour on my website?
By using our Virtual Tour technology you can effectively communicate to your potential clients the layout, surroundings and the high quality of your business or real estate in their own relaxed no-pressure environment. Your location and services can be easily accessed worldwide at any time via your web site, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

4. What happens if my business is remodeled after I publish my Virtual Tour?
All Virtual Tours can be updated with new images, text and any other information you may want to change. Limitations do apply so be sure to Contact Us for more details.

5. Where is the tour hosted?
On our site - We can supply you with the links to your virtual tours so that you can place them onto your website through a link...

On your site - We will supply you with all the necessary code to FTP your Virtual Tour onto any site you prefer. Our web tech can answer any questions about linking the virtual tours but we do not have access to your website FTP. If this option is chosen then you are solely responsible for publishing the virtual tour onto your website.

6. How quickly will my tour(s) be available to me or be posted?
Commercial Virtual Tours are typically processed within 7-14 days after being photographed. Residential tours are processed withing 48 hours of being photographed. You will receive links that will enable you or your webmaster to get the tours onto your website.

7. When will my virtual tours expire?
Never! Once purchased, they are yours! However, if eTourVision is hosting your tour, there is an annual hosting fee of $120.00

8. Can I modify the packaged deals from eTourVision?
Absolutely! Our pricing structure is to give you a general idea of what to expect, meaning: Every tour is customized to fit the needs of the client, therefore pricing is based upon what features and style you need or want embedded within your Virtual Tours.

9. What if I am not happy with the way my Virtual Tour looks?
Everything we do is done with your vision in mind but if for some reason unknown that you are not 100% happy and we cannot complete your Virtual Tour project, you owe us nothing. However, this has never been an issue.

10. How can I order a Virtual Tour for my business or my Real Estate for sale?
Click Contact Us and fill out the necessary fields. We will get back with you within 24 hours. We will never use any of your information for anything other than contacting you back. See our Privacy Policy.

11. What do I need to do to prepare for my Virtual Tour Shoot?
You want the spaces clean, open, clutter-free and to appear much larger than it really is. Move any excess furniture and other clutter out of the room before the photographer arrives.
Turn on every possible light inside such as lamps, open skylights and overhead lighting fixtures (for best results, leave ceiling fans off but turn on their lights)
Prepare your information; The best descriptive text possible. We have an unlimited amount of space to place your informational text.

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